Pro Football What-If? -- for Android phones
Pro Football What-If? simulates the NFL season by playing out the remaining part of the schedule using random numbers combined with publicly available power ratings and point spreads, and then simulating the post-season all the way through the Super Bowl. In doing this it applies the NFL tie-breaking rules. The most powerful feature of Pro Football What-If is the ability to override, or force, the outcome of specific games. This lets you determine just how significant a particular game is.
Zeemerix Baseball -- for Windows
Major League Baseball simulation game.
Zeemerix Baseball lets you set the lineups and choose the starting pitchers. You can choose when to pinch it, pinch run, change pitchers, and call special plays such as sacrifice bunt, steal, and intentional walk. With Zeemerix baseball you have access to all 30 American and National League teams. Each player performs in accordance with his real life season statistics.